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The Old Flour Mill in Euroa has seen many incarnations since its build in 1873. Once the home of ‘Pride of Victoria’ and ‘White Eagle’ Flours, it is now the home of some of the best Central and Northern Victoria’s boutique wines and a menu of great food to compliment.

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The Client

Revisiting the planning and design process for the second time with the owner operators of OHANA Pizza, this new venture was an undertaking that was literally taking design to new levels. The cathedral style ceilings supported by heavy wooden trusses set the tone for the design, the brief “embrace the old and spin the new”. Along with new business partners in the venture, the project was to a strict budget and called for the up cycling of a number of furnishings already on premises.  

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The Approach

The sheer size of the room called for the introduction of light; the first step was to draw back the old barn style doors and replace with custom made steel frame glass panelled doors to flood natural light through the room. A wall to house over 150 local boutique wines spans the length of the hall, custom built by Castlemaine builder Mark Antsey. Finishes throughout the space have were sourced from the vintage collections of tile houses to compliment the original build. Juxtaposed by comtempory tapware, coffee equipment and the space strikes a balance of old meets new. 

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Photography : Lynton Crabb